November 14, 2010

when it hurts

This is Brittany about a week and a half ago. She was hooked up to a continuous IV after being in the hospital for several days but she was doing a lot better{as the picture shows of her happy face}. We even managed to have a pretty happy Halloween. She couldn't go trick or treating with Noah but she got to see him dressed in his costume and run around the house like a race car. Unfortunately today she took a turn for the worse again. We were really hoping we had the hyperemesis under control but I guess that was just fantasy wishing. She is back to getting sick every 20 minutes and she has a new symptom being super dizzy all the time. This disease is just relentless and you can see why it causes a lot of women to have abortions. It is so hard as her mom to watch her suffer like this. She said to me today "I don't know why I have to go through this". I wish I had an answer to this question but I do not. It is so hard trying to find a way to comfort her through this illness. I can't always do that and I can't take the suffering away and that hurts.

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