May 25, 2012

I want to know you

I want to know you. You seem like someone worth knowing. Every day I feel like I’m surrounded by people with hard edges and sour faces but I get the sense that you’re different. Too often people seem to think that they have the answers to everything. Their faces are trapped in permascowls and they can’t be bothered with anything besides their own narcissism. You aren’t like that. You still ask questions. You’re still looking for the answers.
Ryan O’Connell, I Want To Know You 

May 24, 2012

Emeri is One!!

I can't believe Emeri is one today! It seems like just yesterday we were on our way to hospital thinking Brittany was having a boy! It was so fun to be surprised just like when I had my kids. Recently I spent a week with Emeri and Noah so Brittany & Andrew could go on a fifth anniversary trip to Seattle. I was a little scared since I had only babysat them for shorter times. It has been a long time since my kids were little and I had forgotten what hard work it is taking care of two little ones. Even with all the hard work I had great fun getting to know them better. I came home with so many wonderful memories and lots of pictures. Since it is Emeri's Birthday today here is what I learned about her.

She loves playing with her brother. Noah is up on the window seat trying to hide from Emeri but haha she's not so little anymore. She found him!

Her she is  after making the climb up on Noah's bed. She loves to doing this! He has a toddler bed so it is perfect for her to practice her climbing because it is so low to the ground. Over and over she does it for an hour or longer. She always wants to climb the stairs but she is way to little for that so this is a good substitute.

See that wall behind Emeri. That is her favorite wall! She is taking a rest here after just walking around that wall about 10 times. She just learned to walk and it is perfect for practice. She walks close to it without holding on but if she loses her balance she can grab on to it. It goes in a circle around the kitchen and Noah loves to follow her around it too. Super fun!

Next something she hates. She hates wearing bows! She looks so cute in them but she is just not into it. So what I do is get Noah and we try to distract her and put one on. Sometimes it works but like here she discovered it and off it goes!

Emeri loves to eat so I thought I would try to let her feed herself. A sink bath seemed like the best place for this experiment. Her she is doing a great job. Glad I decided on the sink as a little seemed to fall off the spoon! She is very proud of herself which you can see next.

I'm awesome!

When it is time to calm down after a hard day, a little bit of Talking Tom always helps. Looking forward to this next year with you and so glad I was able to be your mommy for a whole week. Love you!

May 5, 2012

kelly rae roberts home

I love this house via Design Mom. Kelly is an artist and it shows in her beautiful home! 

More of her adorable house here.

May 2, 2012

WTC Tallest Building in New York

Yes! EarthCam released a time lapse video showing construction of the World Trade Center from 2004-2012.

via...andrew sullivan

a look back.....January

I have missed posting so many family happenings in the last few months. It's time for me to catch up. First up our visit to see Danielle and Tom in their new home in Santa Barbara. They are loving it there after being in Washington DC for several years. They are both California kids and after dealing with a few "snowcations" they are so are glad to be back home. We couldn't wait to visit them in their new place. Some highlights from our trip.

Our first stop was in Ventura at the Seward Village. They have the most delicious fish tacos.

We were lucky to find a great deal on a VRBO for 110 dollars a night. We had a deck off our room overlooking the ocean with this gorgeous view!

After checking in we went over to see Danielle and Tom's place. They are just a couple of blocks from the beach and have a cozy little home with wood floors and lots of charm.

Love these pics of them on the mantle of their house.
After touring their home they took us to a Mexican restaurant close to their home.

The next day they took us on a tour of the local wineries and vineyards.

Wine tasting, beautiful scenery, Chocolate Merlot sauce dipped in sweets made for a perfect day!

After all the decadence of the day, they took us to eat at Jane's, a favorite place of theirs in town.
The next morning we ate at Crush Cafe a favorite breakfast spot in Santa Barbara.

We grabbed a few delicious cupcakes for the trip home and were so happy knowing we could come back for a visit anytime now that they are only a few hours away!