November 30, 2010

christmas tree

I love this little Christmas Tree. It looks about 5 ft. tall which is the same size we got yesterday. Now that we moved into a smaller place we needed to get a tree that fit in our space better. It is the perfect size for our house and I can't wait to decorate it tomorrow.
image: Belinda Graham

November 28, 2010

2011 calendar

Love this calendar by Linnea Designs. Cute prints for each and every month.
via: Urban Grace Interiors

November 25, 2010

happy thanksgiving

It's hard to believe that back when Danielle was Noah's age she was the only child in our family. Here she is tasting the turkey and getting all sorts of attention on Thanksgiving Day.
Things have changed in our family since back then. Now we have a few more people to celebrate with and it keeps on growing!
photo 2: Mike Cunningham

November 22, 2010

happy birthday brittany

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday today! Some people are under the assumption that you are quiet and soft-spoken. That is not the Brittany I have know all these years. This picture of you shows the real Brittany. A tomboy, athletic, playful and fun. You have also acquired some new skills {besides roasting sticks around the campfire} since you are grown and married now.
Crafting, making this cute stool for Noah.
Cooking, such as these delicious homemade pancakes with blueberries picked from the farm by Noah.
What I love the most about you though is how much you love being a mom and all the time and energy you spend teaching Noah to be a loving, good little boy. Can't wait until the arrival of your next baby to add to this sweet family of yours. Happy you are feeling better for your Birthday and hoping soon the IV meds will be gone for good!

November 21, 2010

thumbs up

Kids are so funny at Noah's age and do the cutest things. A couple of months ago Noah did something he was really proud of and turned to Brittany and gave her a thumbs up. We were dying laughing! We couldn't figure out where he got it from because no one in the family had taught him that. We love it whenever he does it so when he is being good we all give him a thumbs up. It makes him so happy and then he gives it right back to us.

November 19, 2010

potato poblano soup

One of my favorite soups is potato. Tonight I made a new recipe with potatoes and poblanos. It was so good and the best potato soup I have made. The poblanos gave it a little bit of spice and a deeper flavor. It was perfect for a cold and rainy night.
image 1: Martha Stewart image 2: Real Simple image 3: Mike's Kitchen

November 18, 2010

cake topper

I love this adorable crocheted cake topper from project wedding. What's great about it is how easy it is. Speaking of weddings we have another one coming up in the family soon. My niece is getting married Dec. 18. I ordered a cake for her bridal shower today from the same place I got Noah's 2nd birthday cake. I found a place near us that will make a 1 tier round cake for such a great price. With expensive places I have used in the past I just give them an idea I want and they make an amazing cake. Here I have to find a design I like and tell them how I want it. It is a little scarier then the expensive places but worth the massive price savings. When I saw how cute Noah's was I was glad I gave it a try. Praying Kendra's comes out as cute as his did!

November 17, 2010

3 months

Wow, I think we need to get a better back drop for these monthly photos. Not loving the outlets and cords. I also had to take this with my iphone because I burned up my entire card on Halloween photos. This is Brittany's 3 month photo and she looks a little thinner here then she did at 2 months. It is really hard to imagine her getting big at this point. When she was feeling better for a little while we thought she was showing but right after her latest relapse she got real skinny again. She had several ultrasounds because of the Hyperemesis and we were excited to see the baby is doing really good and growing normally. The weird thing about Hyperemesis is the mother is barely hanging on during the pregnancy but the babies don't seem to suffer at all. She was sick with Noah too and he has been super healthy since he was born. The last couple of days Brittany has been the tiniest bit better. The key seems to be keeping the IV fluids and meds going even as she starts to feel better. We are so happy for any improvement at all and just pray we can keep heading in this direction. It is her Birthday on Monday and I so want her to be feeling good for that!

November 14, 2010

when it hurts

This is Brittany about a week and a half ago. She was hooked up to a continuous IV after being in the hospital for several days but she was doing a lot better{as the picture shows of her happy face}. We even managed to have a pretty happy Halloween. She couldn't go trick or treating with Noah but she got to see him dressed in his costume and run around the house like a race car. Unfortunately today she took a turn for the worse again. We were really hoping we had the hyperemesis under control but I guess that was just fantasy wishing. She is back to getting sick every 20 minutes and she has a new symptom being super dizzy all the time. This disease is just relentless and you can see why it causes a lot of women to have abortions. It is so hard as her mom to watch her suffer like this. She said to me today "I don't know why I have to go through this". I wish I had an answer to this question but I do not. It is so hard trying to find a way to comfort her through this illness. I can't always do that and I can't take the suffering away and that hurts.

November 9, 2010

favorite halloween costumes

I loved this costume. It is Nicole's daughter from Making it Lovely and she is Olivia from the book by that name. It is her daughter's favorite book which is such a sweet idea!
My oldest daughter Danielle was Hello Kitty and her boyfriend was Gumby. Danielle loves to dress up for Halloween and its fun every year to see what she is. Even at a young age I didn't have much input into her costumes. She had her own ideas and always let me know what she wanted to be.
This is a good friend of mine who was Lindsay Lohan 40 years from now. Janet is hilarious and ever since I have known her is always the life of the party. What a great idea this was!

Noah was a race car driver {his favorite activity is to race his little cars}. As soon as he put it on he was making screeching noises and racing around the house like he was a car. I love his age at Halloween. It has always been my favorite part of Halloween to see the little ones come to the door trick or treating.

Tried to get this post up right after Halloween but I have been busy at Brittany's taking care of Noah while she is sick. Her Hyperemesis continues but things are going a little bit better and I am praying they will stay that way. Will post an update on her soon.