November 18, 2010

cake topper

I love this adorable crocheted cake topper from project wedding. What's great about it is how easy it is. Speaking of weddings we have another one coming up in the family soon. My niece is getting married Dec. 18. I ordered a cake for her bridal shower today from the same place I got Noah's 2nd birthday cake. I found a place near us that will make a 1 tier round cake for such a great price. With expensive places I have used in the past I just give them an idea I want and they make an amazing cake. Here I have to find a design I like and tell them how I want it. It is a little scarier then the expensive places but worth the massive price savings. When I saw how cute Noah's was I was glad I gave it a try. Praying Kendra's comes out as cute as his did!

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