June 10, 2012

family fun

Over at the blog nyctaughtme she has the funniest post about what she got her husband for his Birthday. He doesn't like her to get him presents and he doesn't like celebrating his Birthday. So she picked out a few gems for him at CVS. It reminded me of my brothers when we were teenagers. On Christmas Eve at 5:30 p.m. a half an hour before the stores closed for Christmas Day, my brothers would panic and run over to our local drug store to buy presents for the entire family. They always put off Christmas shopping until the last second. Needless to say their presents were hilarious, just as hers are!
photo: nyctaughtme

June 8, 2012

Emeri's 1st Birthday Party

Emeri's 1st Birthday Party was this last Sunday. Before this I babysat Noah and Emeri for a week and the whole time I was taking care of them I kept thinking how will Brittany be able to plan her party. I seriously felt like I didn't have a free moment. Noah goes strong all day and Emeri only takes one nap. During her nap time I would eat. The only other time to do crafts and get a party ready was after the kids went to bed. Too bad at that point I would crash from exhaustion! She clearly has more energy then me because even with the kids going a hundred miles an hour she manged to put together a cute party for Emeri. 
Here are some of my favorite moments.

Emeri digging into her smash cupcake.
Her beautiful cake and pretty table.
Birthday hats and pink lollipops. 

Emeri's sweet birthday outfit! Her daddy picked it out. She is just about to pull her bow off  here. I love her in bows but we have to distract her to get a picture with it on. She is so not a fan!
Here is the 12 months of Emeri that Brittany has been working on since she was born. Every month a pic of her in a onesie with a different fabric as a background.
I really loved how Brittany did the Bubble Station. So cute! The kids had tons of fun using it 
as you can see below.

Noah looking to annihilate the cupcake pinata.
then grabbing his candy booty and running to put it on the table and then back for more....lol!
My mom eating cotton candy for the first time in her life!
Emeri clearly in heaven with frosting all over her face. The rest of the kids wetting their appetite for the big cake. A happy happy day for all, but shed a tiny tear that one year is gone by already!