February 25, 2011

lollipop numbers

I love these lollipop numbers. They were used to escort guests to their tables but I would love to use them to put in a cake at birthdays.

February 22, 2011

sweet and sour chicken with green beans

I am staying at Brittany's house this week to help her get the baby's room ready. She has also been making me some delicious dinners. Last night she made this chicken recipe from Everyday Food and it was so good! We both love this magazine because the recipe's are simple and not to costly. She has been picking recipe's to make that have several pantry items which keeps the cost of each dinner really low. Tomorrow on the menu is a stir fried shrimp dish. Brittany also had a doctors appt. today and she is measuring the right size and everything looks good with the baby. In the next couple of weeks they are getting a 4D ultrasound done. Can't wait for that. She is 6 months along now so I will be taking a pregnancy photo in the next couple of days.

February 18, 2011


The first time I heard this song from Adele "Rolling In The Deep" I loved it. Her voice is so soulful you want to listen to it over and over. Then I heard her song Someone Like You, again the same. Her lyrics capture experiences we have all had and her voice makes it all so haunting and real. Love her!

February 14, 2011

Valentines Day 2011

Awww......he is getting so big but he is still my sweetest little one. Looked forever for a Valentine shirt for him, they don't make hardly any for boys {super frustrating}. Finally found this cute one stuck in the back corner at Old Navy. Old Navy is one of the best places to find little boy clothes that aren't too expensive or cartoon charactered out.
Tulips for my table, which I just found out a few days ago were my father's favorite flower. Who knew.....I had no idea he even liked flowers. As my mother gets older she is coming up with all these bits and pieces of information about our family that I never knew. She was so busy working and raising 5 children she never had time to think. Now she has more time and is able to pass these memories down to me which I love!
photo 1-Brittany, photo 2-me

February 11, 2011

February 8, 2011

valentine's night couch picnic

This is a cute less expensive idea for Valentine's Day from eatdrinkchic. Both my daughters would love this as it is already one of their favorite things to do!

February 6, 2011

cake plate

Love my new cake plate from Pier One. The first thing that went inside it was not a cake but some delicious chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting.......yum!

i frickin love you boxers

Holy cow, these boxers from Bonobos are too cute! What a perfect gift for your guy on Valentines Day.

February 4, 2011

skirted bow bikini

Bathing suits are coming in the stores now and of course it is freezing outside! It's fun to look though and this one is so adorable from Urban Outfitters.