February 14, 2011

Valentines Day 2011

Awww......he is getting so big but he is still my sweetest little one. Looked forever for a Valentine shirt for him, they don't make hardly any for boys {super frustrating}. Finally found this cute one stuck in the back corner at Old Navy. Old Navy is one of the best places to find little boy clothes that aren't too expensive or cartoon charactered out.
Tulips for my table, which I just found out a few days ago were my father's favorite flower. Who knew.....I had no idea he even liked flowers. As my mother gets older she is coming up with all these bits and pieces of information about our family that I never knew. She was so busy working and raising 5 children she never had time to think. Now she has more time and is able to pass these memories down to me which I love!
photo 1-Brittany, photo 2-me

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