September 24, 2010


Adorable pinwheel escort cards via oh happy day.

September 23, 2010

anthropologie mug

Just got this cute little mug from Anthropologie. I love their mugs for my excessive tea drinking. They are light and don't retain the heat, so the handle stays nice and cool even after numerous times of reheating in the microwave.

September 22, 2010

mark twain

A great Mark Twain quote that is a favorite of Jon Hamm's from Mad Men. This and some great pictures from behind the set at Mad Men via Rolling Stone
via: say yes to hoboken

September 19, 2010

September 12, 2010

the social network

Can't wait for this movie to come out about Mark Zuckerberg the founder of facebook. You can read a great review about the movie here.
image 1: indiewire
image 2: ripitup

September 11, 2010

religious tolerance

Things are getting crazy in the political world these days. A lot of hating going on with the elections getting close. That's why I especially loved these comments yesterday from President Obama about religious tolerance.

"One of the things that I most admired about President Bush was after 9/11, him being crystal-clear about the fact that we were not at war with Islam. We were at war with terrorists and murderers who had perverted Islam, had stolen its banner to carry out their outrageous acts. And I was so proud of the country rallying around that idea, that notion that we are not going to be divided by religion; we’re not going to be divided by ethnicity. We are all Americans. We stand together against those who would try to do us harm.

And that’s what we’ve done over the last nine years. And we should take great pride in that. And I think it is absolutely important now for the overwhelming majority of the American people to hang on to that thing that is best in us, a belief in religious tolerance, clarity about who our enemies are -- our enemies are al Qaeda and their allies who are trying to kill us, but have killed more Muslims than just about anybody on Earth. We have to make sure that we don't start turning on each other.

And I will do everything that I can as long as I am President of the United States to remind the American people that we are one nation under God, and we may call that God different names but we remain one nation. And as somebody who relies heavily on my Christian faith in my job, I understand the passions that religious faith can raise. But I’m also respectful that people of different faiths can practice their religion, even if they don't subscribe to the exact same notions that I do, and that they are still good people, and they are my neighbors and they are my friends, and they are fighting alongside us in our battles."
image: White House Photo-Pete Souza

September 9, 2010

kids & money

Two interesting articles in the Washington Post about kids and money. The first one is about how the home is the best place to start teaching kids about the value of money. The second one examines how some experts are saying that sometimes bypassing a higher education is smarter then paying for a degree. I really feel for all the young kids struggling to figure out their careers in this tough economy. On top of that paying for their degree is a draining expense for both parents and the kids. Then to complete your degree and be in a lot of debt and not be able to find a job, heartbreaking. I've found from my experience and other parents its best to think these things out clearly before it's too late.