August 29, 2011

emeri 3 months

This is Emeri's last monthly photo for summer{her 4th month will be in fall} so I found this summery fabric at Woof and Wharf with flip flops that I loved. Britt put the beach pail on it and took the picture. Amazing when you do this and put the photos of all the months next to each other, you see how fast they grow!

August 26, 2011

trader joe's blog

No I don't eat these together. It's just my latest delicious finds from Trader Joe's. When I am in the store I always feel like I want to try everything. Now I have some help in that pursuit. I found a great new blog What's good at Trader Joe's. This couple buys different products all the time and reviews them. I tend to buy my favorite things so this blog will help introduce me to some new things. The first item I saw that they rated super high was this Dark Chocolate Caramel with Black Sea Salt Bar. I don't even like sweets that much but this looked so interesting and got rave reviews so I had to try it. They were so right about how amazing it was. There is something about the mix of chocolate and caramel with the salt on the outside that made it so delicious. The same day Trader Joe's was passing out their Traditional  Marinara Sauce with their meatless meatballs.  I have tried a bunch of sauces but haven't found that many that I love. This sauce is really good and I couldn't believe the meatballs were meatless. Now if I could just get my husband to eat something vegetarian without real meat!

August 20, 2011

retro beach house

I just picked up the Sept. issue of House Beautiful and I loved this beach house they had featured. Here are some of my favorite rooms.

We are in the process of re-doing our Patio now and when I saw this table I wanted it. It is the exact size and shape I need and I love the color. Of course when I went to look where it was from, it was a retailer in France. It seems like this always happens when I find something perfect. So back to the hunt a little closer to home.

August 17, 2011

little girls

I have been meaning to blog about this great article How to Talk to Little Girls by Lisa Bloom for several weeks. She asked you to think about what you say to little girls when you meet them. Is the first thing you say to them how pretty or cute they are. I know I do this all the time. She says why not ask them what their favorite book is or what they like to do the most. "Teaching girls that their appearance is the first thing you notice tells them looks are more important then anything," says Bloom. As she squelches the feeling of fawning all over them, she finds that asking them about their favorite book or what they love to do she is able to connect with them so much more. Loved reading Joanna's experience too with having real conversations with little girls.
photo: Danielle

August 14, 2011

one day on earth

This is really amazing. It is the trailer from the movie One Day on Earth. It is shot by thousands of filmmakers in every country on a single day: October 10, 2010.

August 8, 2011


Last night I was going through my pictures and organizing them. As I was scanning all the pictures I have of Noah from the time he was born until now it was like a virtual replay of his first 3 years. I was laughing and crying at memories I have of him. Noah has such a big personality and it comes through in so many photos I took of him. He is starting a new phase of his life tomorrow with his first day of pre-school and I am so excited for him to have all these new adventures. For me though it means saying goodbye to his baby-hood I can't help but feel a tiny bit sad.

August 7, 2011

secrets of a stylist

Loved last week episode of Secrets of a Stylist. My two favorite pieces were the beautiful brass shelving unit and the Deco chair. The new season of Design Star started a few weeks ago. Emily was so good from last season and this time they have designers that are making it interesting again!
images: here

August 4, 2011

emeri 2 months

This is a little late getting up as Emeri turned 2 months July 24. Since it was the month of July Britt used 4th of July fabric for her background. I put her 1 month picture next to this one and couldn't believe how much she had grown. Her doctor confirmed that too this week and said she is in the 75th percentile in height. She is smiling and laughing now and I love every minute I get to spend with her!

August 2, 2011

midnight in paris

I have been wanting to see Midnight in Paris for about a month now and finally got around to it today. Enjoyed every minute of Woody Allen's magical and enchanting movie about nostalgia for the past. It is one of those movies that I feel the time and the place instead of just watch. Not to mention the charm of being transported back to the 1920's in Paris with a ending that I loved!