November 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Brittany!

What a difference a year makes. This was last years Birthday with Britt. She had a date with her IV pole to help her sustain her pregnancy because of her Hyperemesis. No fun at all, but the result of her hanging tough and making it through her difficult pregnancy.
This beautiful sight, her holding her sweet little baby girl in her arms. Sometimes life can be so painful as it was last year but other times like this year it can literally take your breath away with JOY!!

November 15, 2011

Halloween 2011

A look back at some of my favorite photos from Halloween week.

Emeri looking up to her big brother before heading out to Trick or Treat.
Noah loves everything about flying since his dad has his pilot license and he has been around planes since he was very little. So it was fitting he dressed up as a vintage pilot for Halloween.
Emeri having fun on her very first visit to the pumpkin patch.
Noah and Emeri with their very own pumpkins. The pumpkin masterpiece 
on the white cake plate was painted by Noah :)
Lastly, love this pic I got of the whole family!

November 13, 2011

party hat

Adorable party hat from Oh Happy Day!

November 8, 2011

my buddy

I spent Halloween week at Britt’s and I got a ton of cute pics but this one of Noah is one of my favorites. He found a fun backdrop for his stickers and had me take his picture. Noah and I hung out together a lot because Emeri is nursing and likes to be in a baby carrier on mommy. One thing I love about Noah is how he connects so well with people. Every morning when he woke up he would call out grandma, grandma and then come downstairs to find me. He would come and lay down with me and give me a few minutes to wake up. Noah’s an early riser, as in sometimes it’s still dark outside! Then he would say to me do you want to watch TV or eat.....your choice! Noah entertains Emeri too as a lot of times she will start giggling and I look down and Noah is doing a funny little dance or something for her. It is just the sweetest thing. I had just a perfect week with the whole family. Going to the pumpkin patch, painting pumpkins with Noah, trick or treating, seeing Noah play baseball, cooking some yummy meals, shopping at the new Hobby Lobby with Britt, photo shoots at the Lake and loving on Noah and Emeri all week long. Today when Britt called me Noah said he wanted to talk to me. He got on the phone and asked me when was I coming back. I told him I would always be coming back to see him forever and ever! Then he said I’m sad that you are not here now.....awww that just broke my heart but the truth of it is I feel just the same way. It’s hard to say goodbye even for short times to people you love so much!