February 19, 2013

funny girl

Toddlers go through so many different phases good and bad but my favorite one of Emeri's is her latest. She thinks everything is hilarious and constantly looks up at you and giggles! She finds the stairs in her house are especially funny. When I walk up and down the stairs with her, every step she takes she looks up and laughs like it is the funniest thing in the world! She learned to walk the stairs about a month ago, which was a little scary for Britt since she is so small. She kept crawling over the gate so there was no delaying her mastering the stairs. This all started in December when she was 19 months old and started climbing out of her crib. Goodbye to the fun days when she would wake up and play in her crib for awhile! Now she just hops out and finds mom asap. Watching her climb like a monkey reminds me so much of her mom when she was her age! A picture and a video of all her happiness :)