December 14, 2011

real food for mother and baby

This book looks good. I read her other book Real Food What to Eat and Why and liked it. Emeri is just starting solids now so Britt would probably enjoy this book too.

December 12, 2011


So happy we got to celebrate with you on your Birthday last Wed. My favorite thing about you
"your kindness." So grateful to have had you in my life for the last 25 years. 
Love you!

December 9, 2011

a poem

I have been meaning to post this poem Danielle wrote when she was about 18. I couldn't believe she wrote this when she was so young. She is a really good writer but now she has to do most of her writing for work. When she was going to school she was able to do a lot of writing in her classes and this is one of my favorite pieces. A tragic poem, with beautiful descriptive images.

a most visible warning comes
in the glare of headlights approaching
I squeeze my eyelids shut
place one hand on window glass

imagine the accident happening
I do not think the blood would scare me
in fact I might like the rush
of steel crashing all around us

car consumed by the awesome light
of flames, blooming against a midnight sky
I would sit like a pincone in a fireplace blaze
watching our own personal fourth of july

we could have a summer holiday
in spring. death, a courtly host for our party
I imagine him dressed nicely in black
serving lemonade and asking for a dance

looking just like you the night we met
I remember your cologned approach
anthracite eyes, and knowledgeable hands.
all these less visible warning signs

I should have known you but I ignored.
with you, all collisions are carefully planned
and there is no such thing as an accident
you chose me for firewood, pinecone lady

wrapped up in your sheets,
or sitting in your front seat.
where now I open my eyes to find
your swerve to the right was successful 

you celebrate your save with a sigh, and thank god.
but I am quiet, the other party sounded fine to me
a glorious party in hell. we could make the deal final
a wedding of sorts. remove and eye
set it on a band of gold
a fitting ring for a devil bride

December 8, 2011

christmas wrapping

I love Christmas wrapping and seeing how everyone wraps their presents. This probably stems from when I was little and my grandmother would bring her beautifully wrapped presents to our house on Christmas morning. To her it was an art form and she never failed to impress me. Here is a round up of some pretty packages this year.

Miu Miu inspired via: 100layercake
Fifth and Hazel via: houseofsmith's
via: The City Cradle from theageoftheaquarius 
Couldn't resist putting up these Pom's via Babble which my mom used back in the 60's. We were on a really tight budget and all she could afford to wrap with was yarn. I will never forget her sitting down and showing me how to make these little puff balls out of yarn. When I was in Anthropologie recently they were also selling a lot of yarn like items to wrap with.
 Lastly these vintage stamps also from Anthropologie would be pretty on packages too.

December 5, 2011

December 4, 2011

thanksgiving day fun

We had the happiest time together this year because Danielle was with us after 9 long years of being in DC on Thanksgiving. So excited she lives in Santa Barbara now and we will be able to spend all the holidays together! We went to my brother's house and Terri cooked a delicious turkey with the rest of us bringing side dishes. With the five of us, spouses, our kids and spouses and their children we are getting to be quite the big group. To add to the fun we have 3 more babies on the way. Laci, Aubrey and Emileah due in May, June and July. Some highlights of our day.
my girls and their guys
Noah hanging out with Liam who was a little under the weather.
Noah soon finds another partner in crime Liam's little sister Kenna. 
They were having quite the time together.
Kenna making it clear that the women in our family can hold their own with the guys!
As you can see from here Emeri loves being in a sling. Brittany didn't bring hers that night but thankfully Aubrey loaned her one she had. We had been trying to get her to sleep for quite some time but she was resisting. In about 2 minutes after this picture was taken she was fast asleep. Since she was a newborn her favorite thing is to ride around on mommy and fall asleep in her baby carrier. 
Lastly I am so thankful for these two sweet little ones!