December 9, 2011

a poem

I have been meaning to post this poem Danielle wrote when she was about 18. I couldn't believe she wrote this when she was so young. She is a really good writer but now she has to do most of her writing for work. When she was going to school she was able to do a lot of writing in her classes and this is one of my favorite pieces. A tragic poem, with beautiful descriptive images.

a most visible warning comes
in the glare of headlights approaching
I squeeze my eyelids shut
place one hand on window glass

imagine the accident happening
I do not think the blood would scare me
in fact I might like the rush
of steel crashing all around us

car consumed by the awesome light
of flames, blooming against a midnight sky
I would sit like a pincone in a fireplace blaze
watching our own personal fourth of july

we could have a summer holiday
in spring. death, a courtly host for our party
I imagine him dressed nicely in black
serving lemonade and asking for a dance

looking just like you the night we met
I remember your cologned approach
anthracite eyes, and knowledgeable hands.
all these less visible warning signs

I should have known you but I ignored.
with you, all collisions are carefully planned
and there is no such thing as an accident
you chose me for firewood, pinecone lady

wrapped up in your sheets,
or sitting in your front seat.
where now I open my eyes to find
your swerve to the right was successful 

you celebrate your save with a sigh, and thank god.
but I am quiet, the other party sounded fine to me
a glorious party in hell. we could make the deal final
a wedding of sorts. remove and eye
set it on a band of gold
a fitting ring for a devil bride

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