December 8, 2011

christmas wrapping

I love Christmas wrapping and seeing how everyone wraps their presents. This probably stems from when I was little and my grandmother would bring her beautifully wrapped presents to our house on Christmas morning. To her it was an art form and she never failed to impress me. Here is a round up of some pretty packages this year.

Miu Miu inspired via: 100layercake
Fifth and Hazel via: houseofsmith's
via: The City Cradle from theageoftheaquarius 
Couldn't resist putting up these Pom's via Babble which my mom used back in the 60's. We were on a really tight budget and all she could afford to wrap with was yarn. I will never forget her sitting down and showing me how to make these little puff balls out of yarn. When I was in Anthropologie recently they were also selling a lot of yarn like items to wrap with.
 Lastly these vintage stamps also from Anthropologie would be pretty on packages too.

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