November 22, 2010

happy birthday brittany

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday today! Some people are under the assumption that you are quiet and soft-spoken. That is not the Brittany I have know all these years. This picture of you shows the real Brittany. A tomboy, athletic, playful and fun. You have also acquired some new skills {besides roasting sticks around the campfire} since you are grown and married now.
Crafting, making this cute stool for Noah.
Cooking, such as these delicious homemade pancakes with blueberries picked from the farm by Noah.
What I love the most about you though is how much you love being a mom and all the time and energy you spend teaching Noah to be a loving, good little boy. Can't wait until the arrival of your next baby to add to this sweet family of yours. Happy you are feeling better for your Birthday and hoping soon the IV meds will be gone for good!

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