November 9, 2010

favorite halloween costumes

I loved this costume. It is Nicole's daughter from Making it Lovely and she is Olivia from the book by that name. It is her daughter's favorite book which is such a sweet idea!
My oldest daughter Danielle was Hello Kitty and her boyfriend was Gumby. Danielle loves to dress up for Halloween and its fun every year to see what she is. Even at a young age I didn't have much input into her costumes. She had her own ideas and always let me know what she wanted to be.
This is a good friend of mine who was Lindsay Lohan 40 years from now. Janet is hilarious and ever since I have known her is always the life of the party. What a great idea this was!

Noah was a race car driver {his favorite activity is to race his little cars}. As soon as he put it on he was making screeching noises and racing around the house like he was a car. I love his age at Halloween. It has always been my favorite part of Halloween to see the little ones come to the door trick or treating.

Tried to get this post up right after Halloween but I have been busy at Brittany's taking care of Noah while she is sick. Her Hyperemesis continues but things are going a little bit better and I am praying they will stay that way. Will post an update on her soon.

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