November 17, 2010

3 months

Wow, I think we need to get a better back drop for these monthly photos. Not loving the outlets and cords. I also had to take this with my iphone because I burned up my entire card on Halloween photos. This is Brittany's 3 month photo and she looks a little thinner here then she did at 2 months. It is really hard to imagine her getting big at this point. When she was feeling better for a little while we thought she was showing but right after her latest relapse she got real skinny again. She had several ultrasounds because of the Hyperemesis and we were excited to see the baby is doing really good and growing normally. The weird thing about Hyperemesis is the mother is barely hanging on during the pregnancy but the babies don't seem to suffer at all. She was sick with Noah too and he has been super healthy since he was born. The last couple of days Brittany has been the tiniest bit better. The key seems to be keeping the IV fluids and meds going even as she starts to feel better. We are so happy for any improvement at all and just pray we can keep heading in this direction. It is her Birthday on Monday and I so want her to be feeling good for that!

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