May 8, 2011

mother's day craft

This is such a cute craft for Mother's Day and would be perfect for Noah next year when he is almost 4. They draw their mother on front with a little help and answer some questions on the back about their mom. I still remember my kids writings about me at that age. One that especially sticks in my mind is when Danielle was in preschool and I went to her open house. On the wall the teacher had written down from each child answers to questions about their mom. One of the questions was what does your Mom do during the day. Danielle said what my mom does during the day is lay on the couch! Well it just so happened that I was pregnant with Brittany at that time and couldn't get off the couch for about 4 months because I had morning sickness all day. Too bad none of the other parents would know that. I was so mortified! Looking back now it makes me laugh and is one of my favorite memories. Which is why I love this similar idea from Inchmark.
image: inchmark

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