May 30, 2011

emeri's nursery

Since we didn't know the sex before Emeri was born this is only girl outfit Britt bought before she came home. We have been quickly fixing that problem with a lot of baby girl shopping!
Just heard from my sister-in-law that the beautiful quilt that she made for Emeri and that was the inspiration for this room is finished. Can't wait to see it in the nursery!
The first thing Britt bought for her room was this cute little owl. The framed print says Good Morning Sunshine.
The family history wall in black and white.
She will be putting a few photos of Emeri in a couple of these frames.
These are buttons with clips that Britt will hang a picture of Emeri every month until she is 6 months old. As you can see from the closet before her birth we thought she was having a boy as she hung up a lot of Noah's baby clothes. Which reminds me when I go back to Britt's in a few weeks I will get a new picture of the closet with all the baby girl clothes in them.
Noah waiting patiently for his little baby sister to arrive in her new room. Now that Emeri is here he is her little protector and you can tell he is so happy to have a sibling to grow up with!

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