May 29, 2011

emeri claire is here

"Wow" love seeing that happy happy face on Britt! We thought she was having a boy but we were wrong it was a girl and we are still in shock. Now I have to say a lot of people thought she was having a girl. One of her best friends and a lot of strangers said she was having a girl. Emeri Claire was born on May 24, 2011 weighing in at 8pds. 1 oz. She is healthy and beautiful and we are super thrilled! Funny thing so many people told Britt how tiny she looked but as it turned out Emeri wasn't that tiny. I think Britt looked so tiny because of the hyperemesis and not gaining any weight for 4 months. A little bit about the birth. I got to Britt's house 4 days before her due date because we were sure she was going to have the baby on time. Well wrong again. Wed. came and went and no baby. We felt like this pregnancy had lasted forever with the hyperemesis for 4 months and not knowing the sex until the birth. On Monday May 16 the doctor had told her if she hadn't had the baby by the following Monday the 23 he would scrape her membranes. Still no baby on the 23 so he scraped her membranes and told her if that didn't work he would induce her on the 30th. Great now we might have to wait one more week. This baby was now reminding me of Britt who was 3 weeks late. Happily on Tues. the 24th at 4:00 a.m. we lucked out and she started having contractions and we timed them and they were about 7 minutes apart and not to strong. We just kept timing them and waiting for Noah to wake up. About 6:00 they were a little closer together and stronger so her and Andrew started to put their stuff in the car. About 8:00 it was time to go to the hospital as she seemed to be in more pain and the contractions were about 4 minutes apart. When she got there they checked her and unfortunately she was only 3 centimeters and they wanted to watch her and see if they would let her stay. Yikes, we didn't want her to be sent home. Luckily in the next hour she got to 4 centimeters and they admitted her. Soon after that she was able to get an epidural as the pain was getting intense. About an hour after that she was at 5. Next thing that happened was her water broke and then things started moving really fast. Before long it was time to push. With Noah she had to push for 2 hours but she got lucky with Emeri and she came out with only 3 pushes. Then Britt saw that it was a girl and Andrew captured the picture above of the joyous moment!

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