March 29, 2011

public health career

My daughter Danielle has a career in public health and most people {including family} aren't sure what she does so I thought I would explain it here. My niece Meredith is majoring in it {i believe} and has been talking to Danielle about what she does and her experiences in the field. Currently Danielle works for Health Systems 20/20 in Washington D.C. They work with developing countries in helping them improve their health systems. They asses different programs to see which ones are most cost effective and help improve the health rate in such diseases as HIV-AIDS or in improving outcomes in maternal and child health. It is interesting to hear from Danielle how they go about working with these developing countries, the different and varying governments and what turns out to be the most effective. She does quite a bit of traveling on the job, which she loves and will be leaving on Sat. for Jamaica for 15 days. She will be working with the government there in helping them asses if the aid they received to implement programs has helped to bring down the cases of HIV/AIDS in Jamaica. Danielle has worked really hard to get where she is and I am glad she has had this opportunity to do this work as part of her career path. I know from talking to her this job can be very stressful at times but I can only imagine helping other countries learn the best ways to stop the spread of diseases and improve their health care must be very rewarding work.
image: health systems 20/20

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