March 26, 2011

britt 7 months & baby quilt

Less then 2 months to go until the baby is here! I took this picture of Britt a few days ago on our "superfun" girls day out {probably the last time without kiddo's for awhile}. Anticipation is growing since we are getting close and we don't know the sex. The picture of the pretty fabric is material my sister-in-law is using to make a quilt for the baby-to-be. She has been making quilts for so many of us in the family for years. She is so thoughtful to spend all the time and money it takes to do this. She made Britt a nursing quilt when she got her LVN, Andy a fireman quilt, since he is a fireman and Noah one when when he was born. She made my oldest daughter one too and they are all unique to the person and just gorgeous! Britt gave her the colors of her nursery and then she went and found all this fabric that we are just in love with. As a matter of fact it has become the inspiration piece for the baby's nursery that Britt is working on now.

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