March 21, 2011

4d ultrasound

All I can say about this is when I saw Brittany's ultrasound of her baby it literally took my breath was so clear! Noah had one done but it wasn't near this clear. The technology just keeps on improving all the time. This Wednesday I will be taking Brittany's 7 month photo, so we are getting close. It has been a long road because of her hyperemesis for the first 4 months but we are coming into the home stretch now and are super excited to meet this little one. Also this Wed. we are having a girls day together alone {so excited about this as it has been awhile}. We will be doing all things girlie, shopping, eating out, sleepover at my house, looking for last minute baby things, hopefully a Easter outfit for Noah and just hanging out and having lots of laughs. We usually have Noah with us but he will be spending a fun-filled day and night with daddy. This will probably be the last time we will be without kiddo's and soon when we are together we will be taking two little ones with us. So a celebration and a breath before things start getting a lot more lively!

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