March 7, 2011


Wow, one thing I have really noticed lately is a lot of parents don't seem to be teaching their children manners anymore. I guess I'm aware of it more because my parents were really strict about it. It seemed annoying at the time but when I went to raise my own kids I was glad they were. My mom was really good about teaching us what to say, how to share and to be respectful to those around us. We would always ask my Dad why he was so strict with us in our own house. He told us then it would be easy for us when we visited our friends and played with them that we would automatically do the right thing because we had too at home. He was right of course, so I took his lessons and raised my children the same way. He also said he didn't want to live in a house with spoiled bratty kids and I totally got what he meant when I was raising my kids. Part of the reason I know more parents don't do this is because it is such hard work! You have to be on your kids all the time, watching them and disciplining them. In this day and age so many parents are stressed out with their work and all their activities that it just isn't a priority or they are too tired and just don't have the energy. I've been glad Brittany believes it is important to spend the time and energy to teach Noah manners. That has definitely not been a simple feat for her because Noah is not exactly your easy child and is constantly testing her limits. I can witness now how much her hard work has payed off as you can see the progress in Noah. When he plays at the park or with his friends he shares his toys most of the time or he doesn't get to play. One of the manners I love the most is when Brittany and I are talking and he wants to say something he will always come up and say "excuse me" before talking. It is the cutest thing and I can feel my Dad smiling from above.
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