January 6, 2011

reagan brooke

Reagan Brooke is here! She was born Jan. 2, 2011 at 10:01 a.m. Just to make it even sweeter she came into the world on her parents 1st anniversary!
Laci in the beginning of her labor, she was feeling no pain as you can see!
The happy family, Laci, Danny and Reagan and below she's sleeping peacefully on Daddy.
What an exciting weekend with Laci going into labor and having her baby. The best part was, I was actually able to watch her being born! Reagan as I have mentioned before was a miracle baby as the doctors did not think Laci could get pregnant because of having two cancers {leukemia and a brain tumor}. We even had the OBGYN come in when Laci was in labor just to meet her {she was leaving her shift soon and wouldn't be delivering Laci} because when she read her history could not believe she was actually pregnant so had to come in and see it for herself! She told us she worked in oncology before she switched to obstetrics and she had never heard or read about someone like Laci having a baby. Laci has always had an amazing amount of faith through all of her illnesses and so after she got married she had the same faith that she would have a baby and she did! Laci did great during labor. They gave her pitocin and for quite awhile she was stuck at 1 centimeter. Early in the morning on Sunday things started picking up and she moved along pretty quickly until about 9:00 when she was ready to push. Then at 10:01 little Reagan was born and we were all completely overwhelmed watching this beautiful baby come into the world. I was in charge of taking video's and couldn't stop watching them when I got home just to relive it over and over again. To see Reagan placed on Laci's heart after she was born was a magical, magical moment I will never forget! Now in just a few months I get to do it again with my own daughter. I can't wait!

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