January 9, 2011

gabrielle giffords

A sad day when an admired moderate member of congress is shot in the head and fighting for her life along with 6 other people that were killed. One of those that died was a 9 year old girl born on Sept. 11, 2001. What a tragedy. Which makes me wonder where all this hate comes from. The man that shot them hated our government. In the last few years there has been so much angry political rhetoric. Is that really necessary? Can't we disagree without all the hate. There are mentally crazy and unstable people out there and when we dial up the hate it is bound to influence them. I hope this tragedy today makes people step back and rethink some of the angry things that are being said. What is really disturbing to me is supposedly religious people I see are involved in a lot of this hateful rhetoric. What is that all about?
image: new york times

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