January 21, 2011

brittany 5 months

Starting to show a little tummy there, with 4 more months to go. This next month is where things start picking up and the baby really starts growing. Brittany finally broke down and bought a few maternity pants. She likes to put that off as long as possible, but it was time as she was getting really uncomfortable. Now that she is feeling better the days are going a lot faster for us. The best thing is we can hang out and have fun together now. It was weird going almost 4 months with her not even being able to hardly talk, let alone do things together. So glad that time is over and behind us. Really makes you appreciate a normal pregnancy, which is what we seem to be enjoying right now! I asked her today if she had decided on any names yet. Since she is not finding out the sex until the baby is born, she needs a boy and girl name. She has a few ideas but nothing certain yet. She said she might not even know until she sees the baby. So I guess we will have to wait until that sweet little baby pops out!
Noah wasn't going to be left out of the action this month either. After I took Brittany's picture he stood next to the wall and lifted up his shirt. At 31 months he has a pretty sweet little tummy too!

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