January 1, 2011

highlights of 2010

Starting out in Jan. making the move back near the beach where I grew up.
Noah discovers a fascination for choo-choo's that never lets up.
Fresh food every week at the Farmers Market overlooking the water.
Decorating my new little home.
Brittany, Andrew and Noah moving to a bigger house for their growing family.
Washington DC with Danielle, Tom, Dawn's family, Aubrey and Joe
One of my favorite pictures of Noah taken by his mommy.
Taking Noah to Disneyland for his first time.
Noah turns 2!
Noah loves our new home......close to the beach!
My nieces Kenna and Laci healthy and happy!
Mom entertaining in style.
Danielle and Tom in Malibu
Brittany announcing a new little one is on it's way!
Danielle in Africa on one of her many work trips this year.
Boy crazy........love em.
Wishing you a thumbs up for the New Year from my favorite little boy!

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