October 31, 2012

happy halloween!

Noah was so excited to be Spiderman this year! He has seen all his movies and cartoons over and over. He told Britt last year on Halloween night that this year that is what he wanted to be. He had seen a Dad dressed up like Spiderman that night and he pretended to spin a web for Noah. He couldn't stop talking about it how cool it was! I got his costume about a month ago. I let him try it on once to see if it would fit and of course he had to try out all his excellent Spiderman moves. Whatever Noah is for Halloween the minute he puts on his costume he is immediately in character. I remember the year Britt was so sick and pregnant with Emeri and he just had this kind of funky car costume. He didn't care though. The minute he put it on he was zooming around the house pretending like he was a car. We had been pretty depressed because Britt was so sick but he made all of us lol that night! As for Emeri this year she was a lot harder because she basically doesn't like anything on her head and almost all costumes have headpieces  The one thing she will wear is a light hood. She does try to pull it off like when we try to put a bow on her but when she pulls straight up it won't come off like a bow. So the one costume that worked was Little Red Riding Hood. So that was it and she seemed pretty happy with it!
Matt and his friends continued on with the Super Hero theme this year. Matt being the Joker and his friends as Batman and Robin :) Danielle did not get dressed up this year which is a first since she was a little girl. Her life as been crazy lately with travel and her wedding. She always has the best costumes! Looking forward to having her back in the swing of things next year!

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