October 12, 2012

recipe fail

Wow I haven't done a blog post since June. Was so busy with Danielle's wedding and enjoying this summer. With Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook it sometimes seems unnecessary. Yet, there are times I like to put down my thoughts which work better on a blog. A lot has been going on but first I wanted to post about this recipe I just tried. Cup of Joe has been posting recipes with the catch title The Best You Will Ever Have!  When I saw "The Best Brussel Sprouts You Will Ever Have" come up I had to try it. Brussel Sprouts are my fave. This recipe included Fish Sauce which I have never used but had been meaning too. I love fish and so I read what was in the bottle of Fish Sauce and it said it was made out of anchovies. I thought to myself this is going to be good because I love anchovies and I can eat them right out of the package. I chopped the herbs and garlic for the sauce and then opened the jar. Wow it was the worst smell ever! I couldn't figure out what was going on since it was made out of anchovies and I love them. I thought maybe after I put in all the ingredients it would change the taste. So I left the sauce in the fridge overnight to marry the flavors. Did not work! In the morning it was still horrible and had to throw it out. Wasn't about to serve it to my guests. I ended up roasting the Brussel Sprouts at 425 with olive oil, garlic pepper and salt and sprinkling them with parmesan cheese. My usual way of cooking them. So much for trying to put a new spin on them. Britt called me the next day and said she had tried 3 recipes on my Pinterest page and they were all amazing. So funny because one of them was a brussel sprout recipe. Guess I should check my own recommendations! Here are the 3 taste tested and husband approved recipes that Brittany made. 

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