October 3, 2011

home sweet home

Danielle moved this last week to Santa Barbara and as you can see from this photo she is already enjoying being back in California and close to the beach. We are so happy she is here to stay! We had a fun reunion with Britt and the kids at her house in Temecula. We got a lot of quality time with Emeri and Noah. Britt made us a delicious taco dinner a favorite of all of ours. One night we spent hilariously going over photos of my brothers and sister when I was young. My brother Bill who is really involved in family history took all of our old slides from the 50's and 60's and put them on DVD and gave us all a copy. We are so grateful to him as these pictures are priceless! Let it just be said that the styles we wore as kids back then kept us laughing for a long time. After we left Britt's Danielle and I spent an entire day and night at South Coast Plaza {something we have not done in a while}. Danielle was shopping for a couch and we fell in love with this one at Crate and Barrel that I think she will be getting. She also found some things in Zara and Madewell and I got my favorite lunch the Turkey Cranberry Sandwich at Nordstroms cafe, yum! On Tuesday my Mom took Danielle and I to Park Avenue one of my favorite new restaurants that I found in Sunset magazine. They have their own garden so you can get a delicious fresh and local salad. The decor is Mad Men like from the 60's so it  is obliviously my fave. I am so excited that with Danielle close like this we will be able to have weekends like this a lot more often.
Hello Kitty entirely made out of Tuna cans on display at South Coast Plaza
Garden at Park Avenue
Beautiful fresh salad straight from the Garden

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