October 26, 2011

Danielle & Tom....Engaged!

So happy that Danielle and Tom are officially engaged! The weekend after Danielle arrived in Santa Barbara Tom popped the question. Such a lovely surprise, as we didn't have any idea this was coming. I do have to brag just a smidge since I was the one that set them up and thought they would be perfect for each other. At the time everyone was laughing at me {about it working out between them} including Danielle. I met Tom before Danielle and it was like meeting the male version of her they have so much in common. In spite of people saying opposites attract I think the more you are alike the better the relationship goes. They are definitely proof of that. We are already good friends with Tom's parents and hang out with them often so no awkward in-law meeting has to happen. I love this picture above of the two of them. Kendra, Tom's sister took it at a wedding they all attended together. Now on to one of my favorite activities becoming immersed in all things wedding. Danielle and I have already started exchanging pictures of wedding dresses we find that we love. Can't wait!

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  1. It's true, we laughed... but you don't want to go into a first date thinking "he's the one!" but secretly i thought, maybe...