July 12, 2011

house hunting

My last visit to Britt's house we did our very favorite thing while I was there......House Hunting! We are both looking to buy in Temecula in a couple of years so we thought we would check out what is going on in the housing market there. We are keeping our house at the beach but want to be able to have another one close to them. After looking at quite a few houses we found that you can get a new single story {which we both want} 2000 sq. ft. 4 bedroom house with a good sized kitchen for 295,000. We stupidly forgot to take photos in the first house which turned out to be our favorite one. Not surprising that we liked the same one, since we have similar taste. Next time I go down I want to look at it again and get photos of it. The first 2 photos above are kinda close to the one we liked except our favorite one had a better kitchen. The last two photos are of a house we went in that was decorated like a cross between Anthropologie and Restoration Hardware. It was fun to see something different and was a nice change from the typical Traditional model home look. We lucked out with the kids too because Emeri slept the whole time and Noah had a blast running up the stairs in each house to find the kids rooms and check everything out!

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