July 10, 2011

farmers market sunday

I brought this home from our farmer's market today along with a bag of peaches which were heavenly. I love buying my fruit from the farmer's market because you can taste everything before you buy it. I used to waste so much money at the grocery store buying bad fruit, but not anymore!
I roasted the broccoli, potatoes and red onion in the oven at 425 for 20 minutes. This is like candy to me. I could eat roasted vegetables all the time.
On the way home from the farmers market I stopped by Trader Joe's to get 3 of my favorite things. Cauliflower and Broccoli with garlic butter, Parmesan and Garlic potatoes {which I bake in the oven and they come out so crispy and delicious} and my very favorite salsa Papaya and Mango. Love living near this farmers market overlooking the water and having Trader Joes and Whole Foods right on the way home.


  1. Which Farmers Market did you go to? I am really interested in finding a "worthwhile" one to check out. On Saturday, we were at Sunset Beach and stopped by a little one in the parking lot we were in, but I wasn't really impressed. There was hardly any produce!

  2. Lisa the one I go to is big with lots of fresh food. It is definitely worthwhile! It is in the Alamitos Bay Marina, on E. Marina Dr one-quarter mile south of E. 2nd St, just west of Pacific Coast Hwy. The only problem, it's on Sunday. They do have other markets on different days and locations. I would think since they run all of them they would be similar to mine. Hopefully that will be the case. They are called Harbor Area Farmer Markets and here is a link to the website with the info. http://www.goodveg.org/

  3. Awesome! Thanks Vicki! :) I'll definitely check it out.