June 29, 2009

What fun....Noah's One!

Noah getting sweet treats for the first time at his Birthday celebration. I think it is safe to say he is a fan!
We celebrated Noah's 1st Birthday Sunday. What a fun time we had with family and friends. My daughter did all the decorations and they turned out so cute! She wanted a simple look for the cake (idea from inchmark) yet something that would make you think boy. She found what she wanted on some brown wrapping paper with turquoise and green dots that I had and then we copied it for the cake. She made a little party hat for Noah with a 1 on it and put together the sweet candy decorations for the table.

This is my favorite thing my daughter made! We had one picked out on Etsy but she decided she could make one more like she wanted if she did it herself. After seeing how cute it came out I told her she should sell them herself on Etsy.

This was the best part of the party when Noah got to dive into his cake. He was not shy and loved it! The only hard part was when his mommy had to take it away. Let's just say he was not a happy camper.

I love this new red wagon he got and so does he! This is the best wagon for little toddlers. It is made of soft plastic and has two little seats so they can take their friends for a ride. The other cool feature is it comes with seat belts. Such a great design and you can get it at Target. After Noah and Briley got done riding they went and played with his new water table. Water is the best entertainment for kids and they were splashing and having tons of fun with it. All and all it was a perfect 1st Birthday Party and by the time all the guests left Noah was out like a light!

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