June 22, 2009

life's unpredictable joys

My niece got engaged this week to a wonderful boy. She is the most amazing and bravest person I have ever known. She fought back cancer twice. When she was 6 she became ill and we were devastated to find out she had leukemia. She bravely endured the treatment and went into remission. We were joyous beyond belief! Then last year at 18 she started getting headaches and was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I will never forget being in the hospital and thinking how could this happen again. Laci once again was brave and with a smile on her face you could see she was confident she could beat it again. She sang us a beautiful song that day with half her body paralyzed. I will never forget that day. So fast forward a year and where are we now. No one could have predicted where she would be today. With everyones prayers and Laci's strong spirit a miracle happened and her brain tumor disappeared. Then she met someone wonderful and fell in love! She called me this week to tell me she was engaged and would be married in Jan. When I got off the phone I was overcome with happiness and thought who would ever imagined this last year. Then I remembered Laci's beautiful song that day in the hospital and it occured to me that Laci believed this could happen and then it did!
image: Lisa Hiatt

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