May 31, 2009

it all went so quickly

Oh, what a bittersweet moment that was watching Jay Leno say goodbye to the tonight show. I don't watch the show that much but I was drawn into watching his last show Friday night. I guess it was relating to him and all the goodbye's we have to experience in our own life. The first time I had to say goodbye was when my best friend moved when I was eight. I felt sick to my stomach for three months missing her so bad. Then there was walking to high school on my last day knowing all my friends would be headed in different directions and it would never be the same again. Dropping my daughter on her first day of kindergarten realizing her babyhood was behind her. Quitting a job I hated but crying in the parking lot as I left knowing how badly I would miss my friends I worked with. Taking my oldest daughter to college knowing she would never live full time in my house again. Attending my youngest child's graduation from high school knowing this was the last time I would be running around to school events. Helping my middle daughter clean her room and pack her bags the night before she got married. Which brings me to this week when my daughter, son in law and my sweet little grandson are moving. They are not moving far but having them 5 minutes away in the last two years meant I could see them whenever I wanted at a moments notice. So I thought of these times as I saw Jay Leno holding back tears, precious moments in my life, it all went so quickly........

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  1. I didn't even realize he was leaving, how sad indeed...I can totally relate to your post here, at 36, soon to be 37 I just find life flying past me...when I married an Aussie and left my teaching job here in Michigan in 2006, I remember being so shocked when my school did a special goodbye for me and all my former students stood up to salute me and there were just so many, it took my breath away...I had been there 6 years. And this past year my mother turned 60 and (without her knowing) I just cried...thinking that I probably only have 20 or so years left with her here, and how quickly that time will go...but I guess this is what makes us truly appreciate each and every moment.Thanks for sharing :o)