February 2, 2012

new years fun

Wow it has been a while since I have been on here. Since getting on Pinterest about a year ago, it is a lot harder to blog. I do want to keep up on the family happenings and a few other things I wouldn't want to pin. That brings me to New Years. I love holidays and always have lots of fun celebrating them with Noah and Emeri.  When I was little on New Years Eve my parents would let us stay up late and when the clock turned midnight they let us bang pans together. It seems so funny now but it is one of my vivid memories from childhood. So I didn't want to let New Years go by without having a little party with my grand-kids. 
I got them both a New Years hat to wear and luckily Emeri couldn't feel her's and never touched it. She was quite fascinated with Noah's though.
They loved the blowers. I will be heading back to Party City to get a bunch more of these. It turned out to be the best trick to get Emeri to smile. Every time I blew it at her she broke out in a huge smile. This will come in handy to take pictures. A lot of times she gets serious when we are taking pictures of her and Britt and I can't get her to smile. No more of that now that I can use these.
A sweet little kiss from big brother.
Then we went outside to see if Noah would do some poppers. He analysed them to death but decided he would let Mom pull the string.
He loved watching her do it but the noise was a little scary.
By this time we were getting thirsty so it was time for Noah to break open the Martinellis.
A delicious sip of  Martinelli's. He quickly polished off 3 glasses!
 Party Time!
Emeri agrees :)
Confetti falling, as we say Hello to a brand New Year!