February 5, 2012

being a grandma

I love the blog Girls Gone Child. Besides the fact that she is funny and honest about being a Mom, she also has her own mother do posts once a week. Her Mom posts recipes and talks about healthy food {which I love}. She also writes about what it is like to be a grandma. I so feel like she is in my head. We both live close to our grand-kids but not so close that we can just run over to their house whenever we feel like it. Here is one of the posts I loved that she wrote about her grand-kids. 

"The day Archer was born, Larry and I, Rachel and David, drove up from San Diego, arriving minutes after his birth. We held and stared at him all day, but when I left that night I cried wishing I could hold him longer, be there, breathe him in. I remember feeling betrayed that no one had ever told me that the hardest thing about being a grandparent is the heartbreak of leaving behind babies you love more than life itself. I had only heard the very popular adage that “the best part about being a grandparent is you get to spoil them and love them and then return them to their parents.” What a bunch of baloney, I thought, aching from the pain of separation. With your own children, you don’t experience this ache until they leave your home or go away to college. But with your grandchildren, it’s continuous."

Yes so true! I too, have to hold back tears every time I leave my sweet grandchildren.