April 18, 2011

britt 8 months & boys

No, haha we still don't know the sex {despite the title}. It is still a surprise and we will know the answer in one short month! I just wanted to mention a great blog post by Cup of Jo about having a boy. She wrote a really honest post on how when she found out she was pregnant she secretly wanted a girl {for all the usual reasons, dressing them, doing girly things together etc.} Then when she had a boy how overwhelmed she was with love for her son Toby and how much he has opened up her eyes to all things boy. I loved this post so much because it is something no one talks about and it seems like every woman that is pregnant wants a girl. With Brittany already having a boy and knowing everyone is thinking you are going to be disappointed if you have another boy it was the perfect expression of what it is really like when you actually have your sweet baby, boy or girl. Brittany being so sick this time also brought out the fact that having a healthy baby is not so easy sometimes. I also know several woman who are struggling with infertility and let me tell you they remind me that getting pregnant and having a baby of any sex will be the happiest day of their life! There is another factor in wanting a certain sex I don't think a lot of woman consider. Just because you have a girl doesn't mean she is going to be just like you and like what you like or be a girly girl. I know this because I have raised 2 daughters. The differences that your children have are where you learn all kinds of interesting things that you would have never known if they were just like you. So go read Joanna's entire blog post here. You will love it!

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