December 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Matt!

This is one of my favorite pictures of Matt taking his first steps when he was learning how to walk. This week (twenty-two years later) he took another big step when he packed up all his belongings and we helped him move into his own place. I'm always happy for my children when they become independent, but it is oh so heart wrenching when they move out of your house for good. I immediately have flashbacks of them sitting at our kitchen bar visiting and fixing food for them when they get home from school or work. Hearing them calling out Hi as they come through the door. Coming in their rooms and seeing the familiar sights and sounds of their life. Having them come home late at night and enjoying long talks with them about their day. All the million moments that having them in my life has brought me joy. It's not like they are gone for good, you will still be seeing them when they visit. Somehow though in your heart you know things will never be the same again and as they turn and kiss you goodbye, it hurts.

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