August 3, 2009

modern kids bedrooms

Today when Brittany and I were visiting we were talking about how Noah is quickly becoming a toddler and not a baby anymore. Tears shed, we wondered how in the world that happened so fast! Then I was reminded of a spooky thing that happens when your child is between one and two. I told her that one night she will put Noah down in his crib and one morning out of the blue he will be standing right in front of her face. She had a hard time imagining him climbing out of his crib but I knew before to long he would be doing it with ease. At that point you realize you might as well get them a bed as there is no reason for a crib anymore. Since she is studying day and night for a big nursing test I said I would get busy and find some inspiration for her. I found these cute little boys rooms from Cookie. The last one is a room that is shared by a brother and a sister. Their parents did a good job of not making it too feminine or masculine, blending the two styles seamlessly. I don't see kids sharing rooms that often these days as it seems every parent feels that each child must have a room of their own. When I was young my sister and I shared a room and my 3 brothers shared another. That seems crazy wierd nowdays but amazingly we survived it and actually had a lot of fun together!

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