August 25, 2009

ace hotel palm springs

Our girls trip this last weekend with my mom, sister, sister in law and all our daughters was in Palm Springs. It was fun to get away with just the girls to relax and catch up with all the goings on. We all stayed in a one condo so it was like a huge slumber party, bringing back memories of our teenage years. Lots of fun! While we were there I wanted to go see the much talked about Ace Hotel. Since we weren't staying there we decided to go eat at their restaurant Kings Highway. Their restaurant is an old Denney's that they refurbished with what they call "american peasant food for the desert." The green vinyl booths were replaced with brown leather, and they changed a layer of linoleum to a terrazzo floor. They have French press coffee brewed to order, ice cold water served in bottles, a mini-milk bottle creamer, raw sugar in a little Mason jar. The food is very reasonable and the emphasis is on local and organic.The two favorite foods we ordered were the brisket burger and the fish tacos, very good. Loved all the decor, from the fisherman's net to the cute photo booth as you can see above in the photos I took of the girls. Next time I go to Palm Springs I will definitely stay there so I can enjoy the whole experience of this charming hotel!

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