March 8, 2012


Girls celebrating their new nets which will ensure the single most effective way to 
prevent malaria is available to them.

The last few days there has been a huge firestorm over the Kony 2012 campaign about children in Uganda {you can read about it here}. A huge learning curve to understand all the issues. The positive part is, this whole controversy led me to do some searching and I found one of the top rated charities that will save the lives of a lot more African children with our donations. Humanitarians all agree that the most effective way to save lives in Africa is by stopping Malaria. Last year alone it caused 665,000 deaths, mostly African children. Against Malaria Foundation gives 100% of your money to buy the Malaria Nets that have been proven over and over again to save lives. Also to find out about other charities you are interested in it was recommended that you check the site Give Well. It does a rigorous review process to determine the most effective ones. Ironically this is all happening while my daughter Danielle is traveling to guess where.....Uganda! She started her trips to Africa as an exchange student when she was 19 and did her graduate work in African studies also. She works with governments in using financial aid effectively to improve the lives of their people. Can't wait to get her opinion on all this when she gets home. Lastly, but most important I wanted to listen to the what the African people have to say about all this. I learned the most from reading their thoughts on this controversy. The idea they keep coming back too is community based organizations are the most effective so the people have a say in improving their own lives.

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