January 6, 2012

christmas moments

Britt got Emeri her own little pink Christmas tree for her room since this was her very first Christmas. She had fun pulling all the ornaments off!
I got Noah a silver tree for his room. He did a great job decorating it all by himself. We also made some ornaments{reindeer and penguins} which he added later. I brought a few little presents to put under it and he  surprised me by not touching any of them until Christmas morning!
My tree that I enjoy just as much as the little ones do theirs.
One of Noah's favorite things this year was Elf on the Shelf. In the beginning he even went to bed super fast because he couldn't wait to wake up and find out where he was hidden. I was in Crate and Barrel one day and saw this cute Elf mug. I knew right away Noah would love to drink his hot chocolate in it with lots of marshmallows on top. 
The last time Noah sat on Santa's lap was when he was 6 months old like Emeri is here. We tried every year but it was a no go. This year at 3 1/2 success! No more fear. I don't think it hurt that Emeri was fine with Santa. Of course next year she will probably be the one that is not to into Santa.
Noah riding the carousel. We went around and around quite a few times. He never gets tired of this ride. 
The best 6.00 dollar toy. He decorated his wooden train and then he and Emeri both had fun playing with it.
Mommy's favorite gift this year. That's for sure!
Emeri working on opening her present. She got the bow part undone and then it seemed to be stuck! 
Loved having Danielle and Tom living close by now so we could spend more time with them. The day after Christmas we spent looking for venues for their upcoming wedding. We saw quite a few in Orange County but Danielle is still checking more out to be sure she finds the one they both love.
Matt spent 3 whole days with us. It's hard to pry him away from his friends. So great to get some long visits with him. He did get some of is favorite home cooked meals from his mom so it wasn't too bad.
Love this pic of mommy and daughter :)
Christmas morning in their PJ''s
Emeri' first baby doll. I loved playing with dolls when I was little. Every kind of baby doll, paper dolls and all of them. I had the first Barbie dream house made out of cardboard in the 60's. I will never forget the Christmas I got it, spending hours putting all the furniture together. Can't wait to have fun playing dolls with Emeri!
Love  Emeri's first Christmas dress!
My handsome little man. Love him!
Emeri and Brittany at 6 months in the same dress. So happy I saved a few of my kids clothes.
A Happy Christmas with all my loves! 

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