September 13, 2011

danielle's homecoming

I put this on Facebook but wanted it here on my blog too because Facebook scrolls into oblivion and this is too huge to not document! This is a picture of Danielle her first time living away from home after we dropped her off to start college at UC Santa Cruz. Little did I know that she would be living far away from us for 14 YEARS! All the way from Florida to South Africa to Japan to Washington DC. We are super happy because after all these years she will be moving back near us to Santa Barbara. Her boyfriend is starting graduate school at UCSB {the reason for the move, lucky us}. Danielle will be able to keep her same job. A lot of it is travel which she will continue to do and the rest she will telecommute from home. She arrives on Friday night and then the next morning we are heading out to Britt's. I got Matt to break away from his friends and he will be meeting us there too. Danielle has not even seen Emeri yet, so we will be having a ton of fun with everyone back together. I'm sure Noah will be the life of the party though because he is at the funniest stage right now. Just as an example the other day when Britt was in line at Target with him he started talking to the little girl in front of him. After talking for a few minutes he said to her "that is a pretty cute dress you are wearing." He is quite the little smoozer and he just turned 3! So excited, only 2 more days!

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