May 23, 2010

favorite things about our trip to DC

Hanging out with my daughter and her boyfriend for two whole weeks. We miss you guys already!
Having my daughter cook a delicious dinner for me for the first time for me in her own place.
Dawn, Steve, Sam and Emi meeting us in DC for a weekend of fun!
Finding a yummy restaurant Bittersweet in Alexandria that I kept coming back to eat in. Loved all the vegetable dishes, cupcakes, cookies, sandwiches and drinks.

Taking the kids on a bike tour of the monuments.
Walking the streets of DC and Alexandria and seeing the beautiful architecture and landscaping. So different from California.
Spending time in one of my favorite places the Newseum. So much history in there like the top of the world trade center after 9-11.
My niece Aubrey taking us on a personal tour of the capitol where she worked.
Having the best burger in my entire life at Ray's Hell burger. One of Barack Obama's favorites too. Thanks Aubrey for taking us there.

We had the best time on our trip and have so many wonderful memories. Can't wait for our next vacation!

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