January 26, 2010

moving day

I have been so busy lately getting ready for our move which we finally completed today. Now comes the hard part getting organized in our new place. It will be especially challenging since we are moving into a doll house. I call it my little doll house because it is so tiny. On the plus side it is only a mile and a half from the beach, which I love! I am going from a giant walk in closet to a regular closet, two fridges down to one, a huge bathroom all my own to sharing one and to a kitchen that is quite a bit smaller. I do feel this is a positive step for us (no more 500 dollar electric bills a month) and I am enjoying simplifying my life by getting rid of a lot of excess stuff I have accumulated over the years. It will take some adjustments but it's worth all the money that we will be saving by living in a smaller place.
photo: Rachel Follett

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