October 29, 2009

kenna mae

With all that was going on in the last few weeks with my brothers heart attack, I didn't get to mention we have a brand new member in the family. My nephew and his wife had a sweet little baby girl Kenna Mae a few weeks ago. She is so precious, as you can see in the picture above. She is also such a good natured and calm baby and her Mommy and Daddy very pleased about that!

As for my brother Bill, he was released from the hospital yesterday and we are so happy he is home! We did have another scare a few days after the surgery. He had an inflammation of the heart membrane that caused him to be very sick while he was trying to recover from the surgery. It took them several long days for the doctors to figure out what was wrong with him and put him on steroids. Immediately he improved. We learned with bypass surgery this can be a complication to be aware of and the patient needs to be put on steroids right away. If we would have know about this before hand we could have pressured the doctors to put him on steroids earlier and he wouldn't have suffered needlessly. We are hoping Bill's story can help other people who have to go through this in the future.
image: Sarah Hull photography

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