September 2, 2009

my parents

On a visit to my Mom's about a month ago she showed me an album that she had kept of her and my Dad when they were young. There were quite a few photos I had never seen. The photos were taken in the late 40's and early 50's. I love that time period, the women's fashions, men's hats and the cars they drove. I took her photo's home (which were quite jumbled in an old ripped album) to edit them and clean them up. I made them all the same size and found a new album to put them in so our whole family could enjoy them. Most importantly I wanted to do this for our future generations to see. These photos are priceless! The first photo is my mother and father just newly married. They are so young, we kidded them they looked like they were playing dress up. The second one is my father in his national guard uniform. The last two are of my mother. I love her blouse and skirt, so pretty. She could be dressing for today as ruffles are back in style in a big way!

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